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Snaresbrook Primary School

Like all public services, Covid 19 has effected the education sector but one of the most difficult challenges has been allowing visitors into the school. The risk of allowing even small numbers of vistors is high and normal activities such as meetings & open evenings have had to be postponed and in some cases even cancelled. Artwork Media worked closely with Snaresbrook Primary School to create a virtual tour which needed to tell the story of the school and highlight it's key features. Their tour also needed to be interactive and the design was tailored both for parents and children so that it would help to engage interaction without losing the focus and purpose of the tour.
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Artwork Media used drone footage and photography in several areas for the Snaresbrook Primary School Tour and we offer Professional Drone Filming, Drone Photography & Video Production.

Our Pilots are fully CAA Licensed and have experience working with a wide variety of media and have worked with a number of different sectors both domestically and internationally.

Each job is unique and because all aerial photography drone flights are covered by CAA regulations we always carry out a detailed online Pre-flight survey before sending a final quote

Snaresbrook Primary school has a nice large playing field which meant that take off and landing were ideal. We got a number of photos of the school from above and also produced a video from footage taken during the flight. The use of panoramic camera on the drone allowed us to take an aerial 360 photo which has been used as an aerial site map. This is a feature that really helps prospective pupils to get an idea of the layout of the school and it's facilities.

Artwork Media create Virtual Tours for all forms of businesses so please get in contact and we can go through what we are able to help.
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